Monday, August 3, 2009

Wardrobe Styling For Photoshoot

I had a shoot with Morgan Ford Photography in Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco in mid July. She was going for a kind of bohemian look. I had so much fun on this shoot, the models were super nice. It happened to be really cold that day, so they were troopers. What you cant see is all the rest of the crew bundled in jackets and scarves LOL.

I LOVED the location soo much it was awesome. I had never explored Golden Gate Park much before, only been to the DeYoung a few times and I did the AIDS Walk a few years back. This park has so much hidden beauty its crazy.

As you can see, I was really into headbands on this shoot. I used them on both girls.

This is one of my absolute FAV shots of the day!! Im really happy with the way this came out. She seriously looks so ethereal. The photog asked me if I minded if she got into the water with the gown and I was like, Heck nah go for it! Im glad I did cuz I want the best images possible. She was standing at the waters edge at first, the reflection of the dress was so great we wanted to take it a little further.

I really love this ring in this shot, I wear it all the time. Its wooden and the top is mother of pearl. I cant get enough mother of pearl stuff, I swear. I have earrings too. I was looking at watches with it as well. I got this ring at a flea market in San Francisco, when I told myself I was just looking. HAHA yeah...right. The booth had tons of other jewelry and I like getting stuff there, the stuff is so much more one of a kind.

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