Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mesh Dreams

Mesh has overtaken the street wear blogs, appeared on social media trendsetters, given the lux treatment on the runway and has made it's way into the closets of women around the world.
Originally seen as athletic wear, mesh has undergone a massive image overhaul in recent years. No longer confined to basketball courts, mesh is one of the staples in the sport lux trend seen from countless designers including Gucci, Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs to mass appealing brands such as ASOS. This athletic trend fuses fashion with high tech materials for a look that is anything but reserved for the gym.
Mesh can be extremely versatile depending on the styling of the piece. Skirts with with mesh hemlines are an easy way to test this trend out while still looking chic in classic silhouettes.
Here is classic A-line, just with a sporty twist.
Pencil skirts look flawless with a mesh overlay, gives an athletic edge to this wardrobe staple.

Dresses with panels provide more coverage, perfect for a night out with a team of girlfriends.
For the more daring there are options that will turn heads quicker than a stolen base.

There is something for everyone with this trend, with a new take on once locker room ridden fabrics that will whip you into fashionable shape. This athletic inspired fabric is perfect for layering everything from camisoles to sweaters making it easily transcend season after season.
Gear up for a sporty look that will ensure applause without a game winning goal. 

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